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In view of the already existing crisis in health care in the United States, the problems associated with providing the necessary care for persons with HIV infection or AIDS are significant. The purpose of this course is to provide a basic, practical review and update of knowledge concerning HIV/AIDS, addressing the key issues that impact clinical and public health practice.

Course - CE
HIV - 2

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Certified Nursing Assistant Inservice Package


Everything you need to renew your CNA certificate in one place. Get 24 hours of continuing education which covers all the mandatory required courses for certificate renewal.

Course - CE
Prevention of Medical Error - 2
Infection Control - 2
Patient Bill of Rights - 2
Communication with Cognitively Impaired - 2
Domestic Violence - 2
Medical Record Documentation - 2
Review of CPR - 2
Confidentiality and HIPAA - 10

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License Renewal Package for Florida Nurses


Everything you need to renew your Florida license in one place. Get 26 hours of continuing education which covers all the mandatory required courses for license renewal.

Course - CE
Prevention of Medical Error - 2
Florida Nursing Laws and Rules - 2
Human Trafficking in Florida - 2
Recognizing Impairment in the Workplace - 2
Domestic Violence - 2
Interventional Pain Management Procedures - 16

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